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As the primary distributor of one of Japan’s leading storage media manufacturers, Midoriya Electric provides support for customers’ storage devices with the strong support of Toshiba Device & Storage Corporation, Kioxia Corporation, and Fujifilm Corporation. We will work on solving various problems.
We provide the optimal disk media and storage appliances for your desired use, including high-speed all-flash storage (SSD), cost-effective disk storage (HDD), and archive tape libraries (LTO tape). We will provide it.

Solid State Drive

KIOXIA Corporation


Enterprise SSD

KIOXIA’s enterprise SSDs feature high performance and high reliability, making them suitable for enterprise servers and storage systems that support mission-critical systems.


Data center SSD

Kioxia’s data center SSDs are characterized by low power consumption and high performance, making them suitable for cloud data centers that operate a large number of servers.


Client SSD

Kioxia’s client SSDs are compact and low power consumption, and have a lineup that can be used in a variety of fields such as PCs, entry-class servers, and IoT/embedded devices.

Hard Disk Drive

Toshiba Device & Storage Corporation


Data Center / Enterprise

Toshiba’s Enterprise HDD is a product that provides the quality and reliability required for storage systems and servers that require continuous operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Trusted by major CSPs (cloud solution providers) and OEM customers, it helps improve TCO (total cost of ownership).



With improvements in the resolution of video data and innovations in image processing technology, surveillance camera systems are becoming closely involved in daily life. Toshiba’s Surveillance HDD responds to the rapidly expanding surveillance camera system market by providing HDDs with excellent power efficiency and sufficient reliability.



Efficient and highly scalable network storage is essential for businessmen and creators who use networks to promote their work to smoothly collaborate. Toshiba NAS HDDs offer a wide range of capacities perfect for businesses and creators to share storage and store digital assets.

Linear Tape Open

FUJIFILM Corporation


LTO tape, trusted by companies around the world, is a high-capacity tape cartridge that enables long-term data storage at low cost.

Cost benefits of single SSD/HDD procurement
Cost benefits

In recent years, in the cloud service market, services from overseas companies such as AWS have become lower priced, and in order to compete with this, cost reductions in building cloud infrastructure are common among domestic cloud service providers. This has become an issue.
To address this issue, it is possible to reduce the purchase price by purchasing SSDs/HDDs directly from server/storage manufacturers instead of incorporating them. In particular, for SSDs, there are cases where it is possible to significantly reduce costs by determining the product with the optimal Endurance (write durability) for each service. Midoriya Electric provides thorough technical support when selecting SSD/HDD installations.

Advantages of
procuring a single disk from Midoriya Electric
Thorough technical support for SSD/HDD
Providing SSDs with appropriate write endurance according to the service
Providing cutting-edge SSD/HDD before being installed in manufacturer’s servers
Providing strategic pricing

Main service

Failure AnalysisFailure Analysis
Failure AnalysisFailure Analysis

We provide after-sales service for the Toshiba Device & Storage HDDs you have purchased. When a HDD malfunction occurs, we use analysis tools to predict the error content, failure mode, and cause of the failure, and provide feedback to our customers with an analysis report based on Toshiba HDD characteristics that cannot be determined from SMART information alone. (Some models cannot be analyzed.)

Screening serviceScreening

A selection test is performed on HDDs before they are incorporated into the customer’s product to determine whether or not they meet certain standards, based on the test specifications specified by the customer or the test specifications proposed by our company. We will implement it. We can handle Read/Write performance measurement tests, Read/Write & Compare tests, startup confirmation & S.M.A.R.T tests, environmental tests, supply voltage fluctuation tests, etc. according to your request.

Evaluation AgencyPerformance Evaluation
Performance Evaluation AgencyPerformance Evaluation

We perform tests according to customer requests, such as read/write performance measurement tests when selecting HDDs/SSDs, power on/off cycle tests, voltage margin tests, momentary power interruption tests, etc.

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Erase DataErase Data
Erase DataErase Data

We will erase data from HDD/SSD for the purpose of preventing information leakage/outflow accidents. We also handle on-site work at sites such as data centers where media cannot be taken outside, as well as small-lot projects.

Data RecoveryData Recovery
Data RecoveryData Recovery

We will recover your important files and data from PCs and servers that no longer start due to malfunction or accidental deletion of files. If it is not a large-scale server storage, we will basically conduct a survey of recoverable data free of charge, and after presenting the information of recoverable data to the customer, we will carry out the recovery work with mutual agreement. I will do it.

HDD data recovery service LP


Participation in Open Compute Project Japan (OCPJ)


Midoriya Electric participates in OCPJ with the aim of spreading the "Open Compute Project" (OCP) and proposing optimal systems (equipment) for data centers, etc.


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