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Storage support

Midoriya Electric will work to solve various issues related to customers' storage devices with the strong support of Toshiba Devices & Storage Co., Ltd. and Kioxia Co., Ltd. We provide various technical support and solution services related to HDD/SSD, such as technical support when selecting hdd/SSD evaluation, analysis service in case of failure, data recovery and erasure, etc.

Cost benefits of single SSD/H
DD procurement

In recent years, the service price of overseas companies such as AWS has advanced in the cloud service market, and cost reduction in cloud infrastructure construction to counter these has become a common issue for domestic cloud service providers. In response to this challenge, instead of purchasing SSDs/HDDs from server storage manufacturers, it is possible to reduce the purchase price by purchasing them directly on their own. In particular, SSDs can significantly reduce costs by identifying the optimal Endurance product for each service. Midoriya Electric provides thorough technical support for the selection of SSD/HDD introductions.

Advantages of single
disk procurement from Midoriya Electric
Thorough technical support for SSD/HDD
Provides appropriate write-resistant SSDs for your services
Providing state-of-the-art SSD/HDD before installing on manufacturer's servers
Offering strategic pricing

Main Service

Analysis Failure Analysis
Defect Analysis Failure Analysis

We provide after-sales service for purchased Toshiba devices and storage HDDs. In the event of a HDD failure, we use analysis tools to predict error content, failure mode, and cause of failure, and provide feedback to customers with analysis reports based on the characteristics of Toshiba HDD that cannot be determined by SMART information alone. (Some models cannot be analyzed.) )

Screening Service Screening

For HDDs before incorporating them into your product, we will conduct sorting tests to see if they meet certain criteria based on your specified test specifications or our proposed test specifications. We can respond to requests such as Read/Write ability measurement test, Read/Write & Compare test, start-up confirmation & S.M.A.R.T test, environmental test, supply voltage fluctuation test, etc.

Performance Evaluation
Performance Evaluation

We will conduct tests according to customer's request, such as Read/Write ability measurement test, power on/off cycle test, voltage margin test, instantaneous test when selecting HDD/SSD.

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Erase Data
Data Erasure Erase Data

We will erase data on behalf of HDD/SSD for the purpose of preventing information leakage and leakage accidents. We can handle on-site work at sites where media such as data centers cannot be externally accessed, as well as small lot projects.

Data Recovery
Data Recovery Data Recovery

By failure or accidental deletion of files, we will recover your important files and important data from PCs and servers that no longer start. If it is not large-scale server storage, basically, we will conduct a free investigation of recoverable data, present the information of the recoverable data to the customer, and then perform the recovery work under both agreements.

HDD Data Recovery Service LP


Participation in Open Compute Project Japan (OCPJ)


Midoriya Electric participates in OCPJ with the aim of spreading the "Open Compute Project" (OCP) and proposing optimal systems (equipment) for data centers, etc.


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