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Midoriya Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") complies with Japanese laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information. In addition, we conduct necessary education and awareness-raising activities for our officers and employees regarding the appropriate handling of personal information in an effort to ensure thoroughness. We believe that it is our social responsibility to appropriately and carefully manage personal information provided by customers, and we will take appropriate information security measures in terms of technology and management in order to prevent leakage and damage of personal information handled, and to manage data safely.

Personal Information protection policy

  • The personal information you provide will be used to improve and improve our products, services, etc., and to provide useful information.
  • When we provide personal information from customers, we will notify you in advance of the purpose of use and scope of use.
  • As a general rule, we will not disclose your personal information to third parties.
  • We will strictly manage your personal information and implement appropriate and reasonable safety measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, leakage, falsification, etc.
  • If a customer wishes to confirm, change, correct, delete, etc. the personal information provided, please contact the person in charge of the management of the website where the personal information was registered and we will respond appropriately.

March 1, 2005
Midoriya Electric Co., Ltd.
President, Makoto Kuroha,

Purpose of use of personal information pertaining to electric power business

Related to electricity sales business, power generation business, power supply development business

1. Scope of joint use

We may jointly use your personal information with the following persons. *1

  • Retail electric utility*2
  • General transmission and distribution operators*3
  • Power wide-area operation promotion organization
  • Demand suppression contractors*4

2. Purpose of joint use

  • Consignment supply contract or power quantity adjustment supply contract (hereinafter referred to as "consignment supply contract" etc.) for conclusion, change or cancellation of
  • Retail supply agreements (including contracts for remote island supply and final guarantee supply) or electricity receiving contracts (hereinafter referred to as "retail supply contracts." For abolition order*5
  • To confirm information about supply (receiving) points
  • To carry out the business of general transmission and distribution operators based on contracts such as meter reading of electric power, maintenance, inspection, and replacement of equipment, investigation of equipment in the event of a power failure or disaster, and other consignment and supply contracts
  • To carry out business related to ngawatt transactions

3. Information items to be shared

  • Basic information: Name, address, telephone number, contract number of the contract such as retail supply
  • Information on supply (receiving) points: Supply area of general transmission and distribution business operator concluding contract for consignment supply, subject to remote island supply contract, supply (power receiving) point specific number, consignment contract high information, current upper limit value, connection transmission service menu, power factor, supply method, consignment contract decision method, instrument information, reticle pillar number, system equipment presence or absence, contract transfer date, meter reading date, contract status, decommissioning method
  • Ngawatt Transaction Information: Power Generation Sales Volume, Demand Procurement Volume, Demand Restraint, Baseline

4. Person in charge of managing joint use

  • Basic information: Retail electric utility with a contract for retail supply, etc. (however, for basic information on consumers receiving remote island supply or final guarantee supply, general transmission and distribution business operator)
  • Information on supply (receiving) points: General transmission and distribution companies with supply (receiving) points as supply areas
  • Ngawatt Trading Information: Demand Suppression Contractors
  • The Company will jointly use customers' personal information only to the extent necessary for the purpose of joint use, and will not necessarily share customer personal information with all retail electric utility, general transmission and distribution business operator, and demand suppression contractor.
  • A retail electric utility is a business operator who does not fall under the reasons for refusal to register as stipulated in Article 2-5, Paragraph 1 of the Electricity Business Act (Act No. 170 of July 11, 1954), and is deemed to have been registered as a retail electric utility under the supplementary provisions of the Act on Partial Revision of the Electricity Business Act, etc. (Act No. 72 of 2014) registered by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry as a retail electric utility. (Please refer to the Website of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (
  • General transmission and distribution companies are Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Ltd., Tohoku Electric Power Co., Ltd., TEPCO Power Grid Co., Ltd., Chubu Electric Power Co., Ltd., Hokuriku Electric Power Co., Ltd., Kansai Electric Power Co., Ltd., China Electric Power Co., Ltd., Shikoku Electric Power Co., Ltd., Kyushu Electric Power Co., Ltd. and Okinawa Electric Power Co., Ltd.
  • A demand control contractor is a business operator (including a business operator who has obtained a business code before concluding a contract) that has concluded a demand control amount adjustment supply agreement with a member who is a general transmission and distribution company (please refer to the website of the power wide area operation promotion organization ( for the name, location, etc.) of the business operator).
  • The term "discontinuing a retail supply contract" means that a business operator who has received a new application for a retail supply contract, etc. from a customer will apply to an existing business operator for cancellation of the retail supply contract on behalf of the customer.

Established on June 1, 2019

Regarding the joint use of personal information

The Company will jointly use personal information acquired from customers in connection with the sale, maintenance, etc. of products and services handled by OMRON Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "products, etc.") as follows.

1. Scope of joint use

Domestic and overseas subsidiaries or affiliates of OMRON Corporation and OMRON Corporation

2. Purpose of use of the person who uses it

  • Providing and providing various information such as product information related to products, etc.
  • Guidance and implementation of campaigns, exhibitions, and other events related to products, etc.
  • Providing and sending various materials and samples such as catalogs, CD-ROMs, etc. related to products, etc.
  • Survey and analysis of questionnaires, etc. for planning, development, and sales of products, etc.
  • Use necessary for providing and maintaining products, etc. that the customer has been applying for or purchased

3. Items of personal data used jointly

Company name, company address, place of business, affiliation name, job title, name, age, TEL, fax, e-mail address

4. Name of the person responsible for the management of the personal data to be shared

Omron Co., Ltd. Industrial Automation Business Company Address: 801 Shikoji-doborigawa Higashi-Irinan Fudodocho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

Amended on March 1, 2019

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