Information and communication equipment / IT・EC Information and communication equipment / IT・EC


Information and communication equipment / IT・EC

Contact center
With the contact center system "CTstage", which boasts the No. 1 position in the domestic market, as the core, we combine various AI technologies such as automatic transcription and chatbots with cloud services to support the reduction of operator work.

ATM / financial system
We support the improvement of operational efficiency by providing financial systems such as industry-leading ATMs, exchange systems, and slip systems.

We provide optimal solutions from proposals for general communication and networks such as PBXs, business phones, cameras, and OA equipment to system design, construction, and maintenance.

DX(Digital transformation)
As "SIer", we support the introduction of SAP ERP and Salesforce, and as "NIer", we provide services that meet the needs of customers and society with new digital technologies such as AI, IoT, and cloud. We are doing it.

technical support

technical support

The Midoriya Electric Group has many engineers who are familiar with each field. We have built an organizational structure (system technology center) that can provide optimal solutions and technical support in all situations of all issues faced by our customers.

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technical support

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