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Since our founding in 1946, we have continued to grow with the development of the Japanese electronics industry, and have always contributed to the development of a rich and comfortable society by keeping an antenna on the latest information. In the future, we will continue to value "realness and fore-watching" and provide valuable services to society.

November 1946
Established in Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Started domestic sales of strong and weak electrical equipment and electric wires.
April 1948
Started export operations to Southeast Asian countries at the same time as private export licenses
January 1950
Started importing electrical measuring instruments from the U.S. up to the resumption of private imports.
June 1958
Corporate Headquarters moved to Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
August 1967
Opened Osaka Branch.
October 1967
Established MAJ Co., Ltd.
December 1970
Opened Fukuoka Branch.
June 1974
Opened Nagoya Branch.
July 1980
Opened Sendai Branch.
January 1984
Opened Okayama Branch.
July 1984
Opened a Inventory&Distribution Center in Wakabayashi, Setagaya-ku.
June 1987
Capital increased to 321 million yen.
June 1987
Opened The Tachikawa Branch.
August 1987
Established Midoriya Equipment & Machinery Co., Ltd.
August 1988
Opened Oita Branch.
June 1991
Opened Kanazawa Branch.
June 1992
Yokohama Sales Office and Design Center opened.
March 1997
Opened Kumagaya Branch.
September 1997
Established MTC Co., Ltd.
December 2000
The Shirogane Plant, LSI Design Center, and SE Division of The Industrial Machinery Sales Department were integrated to establish a System Engineering Center.
February 2001
Established Midoriya Electric Korea Co., Ltd.
April 2001
Established Midoriya Electric(H.K.)Co., Ltd.
January 2002
Established Midoriya Techno Co., Ltd., a joint venture company with Omron Co., Ltd.
March 2003
Acquired ISO14001 company-wide certification
March 2004
Opened The Dairen Branch.
April 2004
Midoriya Electric(H.K.)Co., Ltd. established Midoriya Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
November 2004
System Engineering Center No.1 Technology Group acquires ISO9001 certification
April 2005
Established Midoriya Information System Co., Ltd.
August 2006
Established Green Logistics Co., Ltd. Product Management Department Division 2 relocated and a new distribution center opened in Heiwajima, Ota-ku.
Head office moved to current location
May 2011
Established Midoriya Electric Thai Co., Ltd.
January 2013
Midoriya Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established Tianjin Branch
April, 2013
Established Midoriya Electric (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
January 2014
Opened a Inventory&Distribution Center in Kawasaki City.
October 2019
Established Midoriya Electric (Philippines) Corporation

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