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The knowledge and technology that we continued to polish shaped Midoriya Electric's "eyes for the future", and the honesty that continued to be carried out shaped "achievements and trust" of Midoriya Electric.

Founded in 1946. In the future and in the future, we will continue to value "reality and fore-watching".

Always propose valuable services to customers. Steadily continue to do business over several years and the "now" that will be the core of the results. Be humble and sincere in people, work, society, and everywhere. Midoriya Electric aims to grow as a company and further develop the electronics field with this honesty and foremiability.

Activity Guidelines

Activity Guidelines

Midoriya Electric Co., Ltd. and its group companies (hereinafter referred to as the Midoriya Electric Group) will use the following guidelines as a code of corporate activities to continue contributing to the development of society together with you in the field of electronics, which is a key industry in Japan.


Protecting human rights and employees

The Midoriya Electric Group sees "human resources" as its most valuable asset, respects human rights, does not discriminate, and strives to create a safe and comfortable working environment.


Protecting the global environment

We strive for environmentally friendly management through iso14001 certification of our environmental management system.


Comply with social norms

We will comply with laws and regulations and international agreements, and strive for fair and transparent corporate activities based on honest and responsible behavior.


Managing and publishing information

We will appropriately manage corporate management information and disclose it appropriately to society as a general public, including stakeholders.


Strive to contribute to society

We will strive to improve our services by making full use of our reliable "technical capabilities" and "information capabilities", and strive to contribute to a rich and comfortable society.

October 1, 2007
Midoriya Electric Co., Ltd.
President, Makoto Kuroha,

TRACE International Certification

Midoriya Electric is a member of TRACE International, an international certification body for compliance. TRACE International is a non-profit international certification body in the United States that consists of a number of international companies who have a basic policy of compliance in international business.

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