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Broadcast media

Studio lighting equipment
Midoriya Electric Co., Ltd., together with Panasonic Corporation, provides total support from system proposal to design, delivery, and maintenance based on a large number of delivery records of studio lighting equipment. We also offer a wide range of products from various lighting equipment to consumables.

Broadcast TV lenses
Fujinon lenses are active in various video scenes such as sports broadcasts such as the Olympic Games and program production. With its high performance and quality, such as high-power zoom lenses and high-definition high-definition lenses, it boasts about half of the market share of broadcast TV lenses.

Broadcasting consulting
Midoriya Electric Co., Ltd., collaborates with Trust Network Co., Ltd., a TV Asahi Group, to propose solutions related to online distribution. In addition to proposing equipment that utilizes experienced human resources for TV broadcasting, we also support operation methods, content production contracts and consulting, and studio rentals.

Studio construction
Based on our experience in TV program production, we will propose the optimal studio construction for online distribution. If you wish, we will provide a plan that assumes the purpose of use. We can also handle everything from equipment installation to adjustment and maintenance work.

Video equipment related (LTO, KVM, next-generation codec, robotics, automatic transmission device)
We handle LTO of FUJIFILM Corporation, KVM of ADDER, next-generation codec of spin digital, automatic transmission device of RUSHWORKS, and robotics. We will provide it as a safe and comfortable system for everyone.

technical support

technical support

The Midoriya Electric Group has many engineers who are familiar with each field. We have built an organizational structure (system technology center) that can provide optimal solutions and technical support in all situations of all issues faced by our customers.

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technical support

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