Technical Support

  • FAE Support
  • HDD/SDD Technical Support Service
  • Quality Assurance
  • Self Product Development
  • ASIC・FPGA Entrusted Development
  • Engineering

FAE Support

Midoriya Electric Group has many well trained engineers involved in a variety of tasks. The organization SEC (System Engineering Center) can provide the best solution and technical support.


Based on our close relationship with semiconductor manufacturers and our view of the market trends over many years, SEC can provide the best system solution that customers need and that the manufacturers can provide.

Especially when taking a product to production, SEC can support your needs from concept to production. From specification reviews to proposing solutions and support in both hardware and software, our team can provide intensive Design, Project Management, Evaluation & Verification, and Quality & Environment support.

Custom ASIC/FPGA Development

SEC takes advantage of experienced engineering resources with many successful development projects to support ASIC design and development through consulting services. Our team can be the ASIC development interface between the customer and the manufacture/supplier, as well as for FPGA and Evaluation Board design.

Interface at various phases of development

  • Spec Sheet Interface
  • Block Diagram Interface
  • RTL Interface
  • FPGA Interface
  • Net List Interface

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