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CSR Statement

Midoriya Electric Co., Ltd. and its group companies (hereafter referred to as Midoriya Electric Group) is set up to continue contributing toward the development of the company with everyone in the electronics field, which is a key industry of our country, with the following objectives as the standard of business activities:

TRACE International Certification

Midoriya Electric is qualified as TRACE International membership.
TRACE International, Inc. is a non-profit membership association that pools resources to provide practical and cost-effective anti-bribery compliance solutions for multinational companies and their commercial intermediaries (sales agents and representatives, consultants, distributors, suppliers, etc.).


  1. To protect human rights and company employees:
    Midoriya Group values our employees as our greatest assest and will strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment which respects human rights for all of our employees without any concerns or fear of discrimination.
  2. To protect the global environment:
    Through the certification of the Environment Management System ISO 14001, effort will be made by the management which is gentle to the environment.
  3. To follow the social standard:
    Along with the observance of the laws and international agreements, effort will be made to conduct fair and clear business activities based on honest and responsible actions.
  4. To control and release information:
    Along with the proper control of the business activity, proper information release will be made to the general public, which includes the stake holders.
  5. To strive for social contribution:
    Effort will be made to improve society by making full use of accurate "technical and prosperous information power" and to contribute to the development of a more pleasant society.

Makoto Kuroha
Midoriya Electric Co., Ltd.

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