Our Business

  • semiconductors / electronic devices
  • Factory Automation
  • Defense Electronics / Communication Networks
  • Electronic Materials
  • Assembly and Test Equipment/ Measuring Instruments
  • Broadcast Products
  • IT Equipment / WEB Application
  • Facilities and Equipment

Electronic Materials

Midoriya Electric handles a wide range of electronic and chemical materials.

Semiconductor sealing materials, Liquid sealing materials

Based on the customer's needs, we can propose and supply customized materials.

Adanced films, Coating Materials

We supply a variety of AR, hard coating, water repelling, oil repelling, hydrophilic, and photocatalytic functional products.

Functional Formed Parts

We can offer memory card cases, mobile phone parts etc. and propose their materials.

Product Lineup

Sealing materials for semiconductors / Liquid sealing materials / Advanced films / Coating materials / Functional formed parts

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